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We Are Coming

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Event Details

The 2nd Annual Railyard BBQ Challenge and Beer Fest will take place Sunday, April 14th at Myrtle Avenue Brewing, the Glass Factory, and the courtyard that the two venues share. The event will feature semi-pro and backyard BBQ teams, local craft beer brands, craft cocktail brands, various artisans and vendors, and there will be some local distillery brand representation. The attendance goal of the event is 800 people with the ability to go larger if there is an overwhelming response. The event is being promoted via print, radio and tv media channels

along with social media marketing campaigns. All proceeds benefit the local civic charity The Empowered Kitchen.

Competition Teams Entry Information

There are two divisions with four total prizes in each division (8 total prizes). Teams will enter either as a “Semi-Pro” Team or as a “BackYard” Team and will automatically be entered into the People’s Choice competition for their division. The contest will be capped at 18 total teams

(combined backyard and semi-pro). The goal is to have 10 semi-pro teams and 8 backyard teams, this could fluctuate.

Prizes are as follows.

1st , 2nd and 3rd place in each division is decided by our judges panel, based solely on protein #1 (brisket) and protein #2 (chicken). People’s Choice is solely based on the samples offered to attendees. Semi-Pro teams must compete on both proteins (1 and 2). Backyard Teams choice which protein they want to compete in or have the option to only compete for People’s Choice, but then would only be eligible for the People’s Choice prize.

                                                                   Semi-Pro                                                                                       Backyard

                Main Protein (Brisket)         Secondary Protein (Chicken)

                           1st Place - $1000                                1st Place - $1000                                             1st Place - $550 - trophy

                           2nd Place - $500                                 2nd Place - $500                                             2nd Place - $350 - trophy

                           3rd Place - $250                                  3rd Place - $250                                              3rd Place - $150 - trophy

                                                  People’s Choice - $350 - trophy                                                     People’s Choice - $300 - trophy

                                       Overall Semi-Pro Grand Champion - trophy

Each team will be given a bucket that matches their division (Semi-Pro is one color, Backyard is a different color) to collect the people’s choice voting tokens from attendees. Event ticket-holders will be given People’s Choice tokens based on their ticket purchase in the following allotment: general admission and early bird – 1 token; VIP – 2 tokens. Additional tokens available for purchase at the event for $5


Who Are We


All vendor information and application is being handled by The Glass Factory. Fill out the form below to request event details and application from The Glass Factory.


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